Science Communication

I professionally support science communication among scientists as well as the knowledge transfer to the public.

Meet the Metaorganism

Meet the Metaorganism is an interactive e-learning tool for students of life sciences and beyond. It introduces key biological concepts using the metaorganism (the unity of a host and its microorganisms) as a fundamental case study. The tool is web-based and freely available at

For this interdisciplinary work, I joined forces with the Science Communication Lab, the collaborative research centre 1182 Origin and Function of Metaorganisms, the SymbNET, and educational scientists from the IPN Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics.

Marrying the worlds of science, education, technology, and design, Meet the Metaorganism is a model project for digital teaching at Kiel University. Please find the press release here.

Pop-up card

This educational pop-up card was created in collaboration with Lara Schmittmann and the Science Communication Lab and supported by the CRC1182. The files are freely available and can be downloaded here.
Download here
Download here
Lara had the wonderful idea to use a pop-up card to communicate the fascinating three-dimensional world of a sponge and its microbes. The DIY approach fosters the engagement with the science behind.
Download here
Download here

Podcast logo design “Let’s talk science”

Let’s talk SCIENCE! is a graduate center podcast about scientific research and how it is communicated. The guests are young researchers, science communicators, and experts of various fields. I chose a modern logo design that features the characteristic colors of the eight faculties of the CAU.

Listen to the latest episode here or on your favorite podcast app.

Infographic on eco-evolutionary dynamics

Graphics communicate complex ideas in a universal language and visualizations are something we remember. This infographic illustrates fundamental eco-evolutionary processes of the metaorganism. The understanding of such processes, for example the influence of our diet and lifestyle on our microbiome, is important for each and everyone. I am using this graphic as a blueprint for a series of infographics communicating the importance and the findings of metaorganism research to the German public, to younger audiences (e.g. at school), and to professional researchers.

Infographic on shark attacks

Being a passionate surfer myself, it is good to know where shark attacks are reported – and that actually only about 0.00003% of surfers were attacked in 2019.